Effective Leadership strikes the right balance between relationship skills (e.g. influencing, communicating, delegating, building trust, establishing buy-in) and performance skills (e.g. sales, operations, marketing, etc.). Ideally, an effective leader is both interpersonally savvy and successful at the tasks of the job.

This program provides leaders with an awareness about what to do more, less or differently at work and with their team. Leaders will learn effective strategies, behaviors and techniques for leading a high performing team. Various assessments are utilized to increase awareness around your style and those of others.

Curriculum includes topics such as:

  • How to maximize employee motivation and retention
  • Getting employees to change behavior and become all-star performers: (based on Mashihi & Nowack’s book on Behavioral Change)
  • Understanding your behavioral/working style and the unique styles of the individuals you work with
  • How to tailor your interpersonal styles to effectively communicate and influence others
  • How to leverage your strengths and those of your team
  • How to decrease any performance barriers of team members
  • Managing time & energy
  • Leadership skills and practice