Spectra Coaching

At Spectra Coaching, we provide various services to help leaders maximize their potential and increase their team’s performance and camaraderie. Our mission is to help leaders identify all the factors that help and hinder their optimum level of success. We offer an array of services such as 1:1 Coaching, a multitude of training programs that can be customized to fit your needs and workshops that provide breakthrough results.

Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching program helps leaders learn new strategies and behaviors that result in high performing teams, strong relationships, and effective leadership abilities. Executive Coaching is an excellent program for…

Leadership Training

Effective Leadership strikes the right balance between relationship skills (e.g. influencing, communicating, delegating, building trust, establishing buy-in) and performance skills (e.g. sales, operations, marketing, etc.).

Team Building

Our team building workshops provide employees with the tools and techniques to work effectively and collaboratively within and between departments and teams.